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The IdentityImpact Team

Why the butterflies?
Some milkweed bugs on the Swamp Milkweed
Milkweed Bugs

Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly on Joe Pie Weed

We are a group of business professionals, with experience in

  • corporate strategy, business and operations plans
  • marketing, communications and graphic arts
  • website design for usability and clarity.

Our products mirror our business beliefs. Your identity, plans, collaterals and website aren't worth your time or ours to develop if they don't:

  • find you perfect customers, matched to your business
  • clearly state your business goals and values
  • help your customers understand your business
  • generate and increase your profits
  • move you away from the pack and clearly, visibly out in front

When it's not clear how to
articulate the distinctions which make your business unique,
and it's difficult to grasp the complete picture,
you need help.

Want to know more about us? Meet our key members.
      Jane Krayesky, Principal
      John Krayesky, Principal

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