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Jane Krayesky
Jane Krayesky,

Jane Krayesky, Principal

Jane is fascinated with how things work, how to piece together ideas and tease out the meaning of your aspirations.   She can help you communicate crisply and clearly to:

  • Articulate your dreams, ideas and goals for your business.
  • State your values and what makes your company "go!"
  • Test your business concept vs your competitors approach.

If you want to capture your beliefs, plans and identity and articulate them simply, Jane will take you through it.

Jane has managed multi-million dollar businesses and start-ups in the US and in developed and developing countries around the world.

She has an MBA from Pace University, an MS-Statistics from University of Cincinnati, and was an instructor at

She is also an avid gardener and hosts over a dozen species of butterflies in her garden annually.

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