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Watercolors by Beverly Golembeski, Seaside Park, NJ

Beverly Golembeski is an award winning watercolor artist local to the New Jersey shore. She is very well known and respected in the area, and has been painting for many years.

When she approached IdentityImpact she had a domain name, but did not have web site. Her goal was to have a web presence so that she could have a full gallery of work online. has significantly increased sales of Beverly's artwork.

We gave Beverly four distinctive design choices to consider. In order to generate her art gallery, it was necessary to take digital pictures of over 300 works of art.

As part of the full service that we provide, we captured the images. Needless to say, an artist's eye for color is very exact. And their eye for color regarding their own work is extremely exact.

Beverly is extremely pleased with our photos and compliments our business for having such a fine appreciation for art, color and lighting.

Like all websites, this site has evolved over time and is updated regularly to include annual art show and class sessions.

Watercolors by Beverly

Join Beverly on her annual trip to Tuscany, and work on your art, too.

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