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Villano Realtors, Seaside Park, NJ

Villano Realtors is a full-service Realtor in Seaside Park, NJ offering the best in shore community real estate services in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Their new office in Seaside Park opened in February 2005, and they needed a new look and a new website.

Their site reflects their outstanding services to their clients. And site capabilities have expanded over the past years -

  • In 2007, a search function was added for the Monmouth/Ocean county multiple listings, so clients can see all the properties that are for sale.
  • In 2009, a search function for all Seasonal Rental properties - searchable by property size, location or price, with real-time availability - was added to the Summer Rental part of the site.
  • In 2010, a blog was added to keep local clients and landlords up to date on trends and items of interest.
  • In the past 5 years, Seasonal Rental Rental Properties shown on the site have gone from 25 to over 150 properties for seasonal rentals.
  • And as of April, 2010, Villano Realtors has more Featured Sales Properties listed than any other realtor in the area.
  • Villano Realtors track record of balancing the needs of Buyers and Sellers speaks for itself.

As a client of Villano Realtors, you can be certain that they have your best interest at heart - a peek at their Client Testimonials says how happy their clients are with their services.

As part of our relationship with Villano Realtors, we commit to keep their site up to date and complete year round.

Villano Realtors can commit to their clients that listings for Featured Sales and Seasonal Rentals will be included on the website within 2 business days.

Villano Realtors, Seaside Park, NJ

In addition, I2 also prepares marketing materials for Villano Realtor, such as a 4 page newsletter of current market conditions in the area.

IdentityImpact also provides interior and exterior photos for listings on the site when the office and agents are busy. We edit photos taken by Sales Associates for listings on the site as well.

We work with each of our clients on an individual basis that fits their business. We'll be happy to work with your business, too.

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