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Silverton Pharmacy, Toms River, NJ

Silverton Pharmacy is a full range pharmacy and Gift Shop with multiple departments and services available to its customers. This is a family owned and operated independent pharmacy that has provided outstanding service for over 35 years.

When Silverton Pharmacy approached IdentityImpact, they had two goals:

  • A new website to replace their outdated one, and
  • Integration of web commerce into their business.

We met with the owners and asked them to describe their business and services.   During our idea generation session we collectively identified the key concepts to be emphasized in the site.

Our graphic artist proposed a new look for the pharmacy website banner and for page layout during the renovation of their store. Since our initial website redesign, the store has undergone a complete renovation. Their new website look complements their store redesign, and the client is extremely satisfied.

This site is growing and continues to add new features over time. In additional to being informational, the site provides a direct link for on-line prescription refills.

We update the site at least monthly to reflect special promotions and programs. We created a schedule of the key seasonal promotional plans and dates with the client.

As we do with all our clients, we conduct regular information sessions to assure that we are maximizing the website's value for the business and the seasonal promotions they offer.

Silverton Pharmacy, Toms River, NJ
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