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Phoenix Pharmacy Group

Phoenix Pharmacy Group is a unique purchasing co-operative with consistent and steady growth in both membership and total revenues returned to owners.

Phoenix Pharmacy Group came to us because they needed a new website that demonstrated the successes they have had over 6 years, and the impact of the group on their industry.

They also asked for a collaborative work space for Members, where each authorized group sees only the materials relevant for that group. These groups are:

  • the Public at large - anyone can access the login page, so it needs to be classy and prevent unauthorized access
  • the general Group Members
  • the Board of Managers
  • Executive and Operations Directors for the Group

Our graphic artist developed multiple drafts of the new corporate logo which are now used in all materials.

Phoenix Pharmacy Group

The client feels that the new look, site operations and content tell the story of the group's success.

Their new website now serves as a strong element in recruiting new members.

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