IdentityImpact LLC - Website Re-Design for our Corporate site Corporate Site Renovation

Yes - we were feeling a little tattered ourselves...

(did you notice the aged fellow in the banner? - that's what we were feeling ourselves)

... and needed to update our own look.

So, we treated ourselves like we treat a client ...
and came up with a whole new image that continued to reflect our values and what we believe is important.

Our belief for our site renovation...
is the same as we believe for work on our clients' websites. We believe...

... that the majority of sites are 'tricky' because
  they can be, not because they SHOULD be.

... if website visitors cannot navigate without thinking...

  ... if they cannot easily tell where they are ...

    ... or if they need to have special updates ...

      ... they won't come back -- ever!!

... the corporate "look" determines how the site looks

  ... not the other way around.

... the site should always work.

... the company brand is as important as the product or service we and each of our clients deliver.

We test drive every site with multiple browsers, of multiple vintages, to make sure what we intend is what the visitor sees.

And we emphasize brand awareness in everything we do for our clients.

We created a new, improved identity for ourselves.
We can do it for your company, too.

Contact Us today for a discussion on your renovation.

Some of the alternatives we considered Corporate Site Renovation - Option 1 Corporate Site Renovation - Option 2 Corporate Site Renovation - Option 3
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