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Pomarico Pharmacy

Pomarico Pharmacy is a full range pharmacy and Gift Shop with multiple departments and services available to its customers. This is a family owned and operated independent pharmacy that has provided outstanding service for over 45 years.

When Pomarico Pharmacy approached IdentityImpact, they had two goals:

  • Promote their seasonal specials
  • Highlight their certifications and distinct capabilities.

The website was the beginning, and has branched into an email marketing program where monthly and seasonal specials are available exclusively to the Pomarico Network members.

Email promotions continue throughout the year and feature:

Pomarico Pharmacy, Jersey City, NJ

Large format posters are prepared for store window display - up to 2' by 3' laminated for durability.

And register displays that highlight the current specials on the website and in email promotions are included in this complete marketing program.

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