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A friend and colleague needed a new website -- FAST!!

We created a client-editable simple site for him to outline his superior revenue producing capabilities and consulting expertise -- all the graphics, a photo shoot in his office and layout -- from scratch in less than a week.

Tom Mangan and his partners have expertise in their business of increasing revenue and sales force productivity in telecommunications.

They wanted to tell their story in their own words - so all the text on the site was developed, edited and uploaded to the site by the Principals.

By working together on the design and content production, the complete website was ready to go with all its content in less than 2 weeks.

At IdentityImpact, we take special care of our clients and have as our target clients the 'technically challenged' in order to make things simple for them.

We provide technical assistance and training with

  • new email ids that are established with a new website,
  • initial website content and suggested updates,
  • marketing collateral development,
  • print and online advertising as part of a complete advertising plan,
  • graphic design and giveaway production to keep their name in front of their clients.

We'll work with your materials, or generate them as needed.   And get your message out there.

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