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BuiltMark LLC, Yardville, NJ

BuiltMark LLC is an established local residential and commercial construction contractor, which provides complete, on-time, on-budget construction projects in the central NJ area.

Mark Slafkovsky, the owner of BuiltMark and the guy on the roof at the end of the opening flash, has over 25 years experience in home and commercial construction.

And he brings his expertise and point of view - plus superior attention to detail and cost - to every project.

His website started from scratch - from a CD of photos of a large residential project with many many steps in progress to photo albums still damp from a leak in his office.

This site is an example of a simple, complete informational site.   The pictures and notes from his extremely satisfied clients tell the story.

The photos and "the BuiltMark story" were supplied by the client.   We wrote the text, and pulled together all the aspects of his distinct business personality.

BuiltMark openerWe also produced a letter opener for Mark to give his prospects -- a useful little tchotchke that keeps his name in front of people.

BuiltMark LLC, Yardville, NJ
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