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About IdentityImpact


We're a company formed with a single goal in mind -- to help your company be its most effective representative in reaching and serving your customers.

We believe there is an easier way to get your business out there.

Of course, if you need a website -- you can Do-It-Yourself, with one of the many packages and companies out there. But, ask yourself:

  • Can you create a compelling corporate image?
  • Can you produce the collaterals to complement your website?
  • Can your business operations deliver the services your site promises?
  • Is all this 'doing' the best use of your time?

You really need to be running your business, serving your clients, and doing what you do best.

We meet with you -- person to person, not in cyberspace -- to understand your business, how you perceive your company and your competitors, and work with you to capture what makes you unique.

While we're talking together, we build a portrait of who you are. You can use your current company 'portrait' as your identity or build a new one that is based on the strengths of your business.

Custom graphics, images and custom photography are all part of our services.   We edit your materials, too.

We'll put the package together for your company to take its place on the web. And we'll keep your new business persona up and running, with modifications as you need them.

Custom Marketing and Consulting.... Unique for your business
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